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Fitness Tips for Weight Loss

Though weight gain is something most people deal with at some point, obesity is an extreme example of uncontrolled weight gain can become. The Center for disease control estimates that over one third of the US adult population is considered obese. Defining obese as a person with over 30% body fat. This degree of obesity can cause life-threatening complications such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, certain types of cancers and even death. Fortunately, most cases of obesity are completely preventable. Living a healthy lifestyle with the right diet and exercise routine ensures weight loss and prevents future weight gain and even diseases.

A regular fitness routine, in addition to a healthy diet is a crucial part of weight loss. Exercising regularly and eating healthy is the most beneficial way to lose pounds and keep them off. Exercise also reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Exercising regularly increases the body’s muscle mass and stamina. Increasing muscle mass is a great way to fight off extra pounds lose weight. The average person should be including at least 150 minutes of physical activity into his or her week to maintain a stable weight and balance caloric intake.

Staying in shape doesn’t require elaborate workout routines; running, walking and swimming are simple, great exercise methods that quickly mold fat pounds into muscle. For those desiring a more individualized experience, Personal trainers help by providing motivation and assistance to key areas that need work. They assist with diet and personalized exercise routines that are specific for the individual’s needs.

Workout videos such as Zumba fitness and the Jullian Michaels videos provide fast and fun core workouts for those wishing to exercise in the comfort of his or her own home.

Even certain entertainment systems, such as Nintendo Wii and Xbox have paired with Nike and EA sports to provide interactive workout games that are extremely effective and provide a great workout alternative for those who are unable to exercise outside or in a gym.

Even when there is not time for an entire workout, there are always ways to fit fitness into an everyday schedule. Parking further from destinations adds further walking distance and gets in added walking time. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator whenever possible is a great way to burn calories and include exercise into everyday life. Taking walks around during lunch breaks burns calories at a time when most people are simply sitting and taking in more calories.