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12 Meticulous Tips to Move Homes with Plants!

An upcoming Mumbai to Chandigarh move is bothering you to bits and you are planning to go for professional packers and movers in Mumbai to make the house-moving project effortless and efficient. But unlike your previous moving qualms, this time you are only concerned about the beautiful nursery you’ve carved on your terrace. It has countless distinctive, plants and beautiful pots that you’ve prepped, implanted on the carpeting, and mounted on the asbestos shed roof.

Well, since you have got a significant range of plants at your place which you know would call for a distinctive handling and ample preparation ahead of the move; you must not defer things but immediately hire an expert team of movers after you have spoken to them of your specific moving requirements for your plants.

There are many different movers specializing in offering plant relocation services. You simply need to look out for them on the internet and go with the one that seems qualified, equipped, and authentic.

Once you know there is a skilled team of movers looking after not just your mild plants but valued household possessions, you shall be immensely relieved. At this point, all you should look out for is the points we are sharing below:

• Research about services – Different moving companies have their distinct range of services, out of which, there also is a plant handling services during relocations. You will get to know about the rates of these services and the support/resources you will get for the same from the company if you do some research. So, do it before finalizing.

• Keep the weight in check – We all know the plant pots we have in our homes are quite heavy, owing to their structure and formation. Plus, depending on the kind of pots you have, like ceramic pots, wood pots, stone pots, etc. there remains a fair amount of weight involved in the moving process. So, think before you choose to move them. • Be sensible and consider – As mentioned, you should reconsider if you want to move all of your plant pots or you want to carry only a handful of them; i.e. only the favorite ones and give away the rest to either your friends or the neighbors. After all, keeping the moving weight in mind is extremely crucial.

• Know the moving climate – The season you are moving in plays a big role in keeping your plants intact, fresh and flourishing. If you are moving in scorching summers, proper hydration of their roots is a must. For the winters, extraordinary protection and ample pruning before the move are recommended. Additionally, the climate of the destination should also be taken care of.

• Make your plants ready – The moment you get to know your moving date and you are worried about transporting your collection of plants and pots, you should start preparing them for the transit. Inspect every planted pot carefully to spot if it needs some cleaning, watering, or trimming. Discard the pots you do not want to move.

• Hydrate them previously – You will have the professionals to guide you on how you should prepare the plants but you can still do your share of research to get the task done correctly. You should water them just in the right amount and at the right time. In summers, water them 24hours before and in winters, water them 4-5 days before the move.

• Protect them all through – The reason behind hiring professional movers for relocation is the assurance of safety and security. So, when it comes to moving plants, you should ensure the professionals are there to take care of them in the best possible way. Invest in the right packing materials and moving carriers for them.

• Let the specialists handle – As we mentioned, the more you will dig into the internet, the more you will get to know about the professional plant packing and moving services. So, just hire a top moving company that is a pro in offering quality plant moving services and hand over the gruesome task to them.

• Pick where to place them – The particular area within the truck where you want the plant moving carrier with the pots and vessels to be kept would be designed in a way to provide ample sunlight and aeration to them. And since the movers shall handle your move, they will figure out where exactly they need to position them.

• Secure the carrier carefully – Every plant carrying facilitator like the plant carrier box, plant carrier tray, plant carrier bags are designed for one particular purpose – safer move of plants, and this is the reason why they come with the feature where you can secure them amply so they do not fall off or lose position during the transit upheaval.

• Leave room for aeration – If you have explored a bit about plant relocations, plant moving carriers, etc. you would have noted that all these haulers ensure ample ventilation within the carrier where the air outside is regulated well for a favorable moving experience. So, regardless of whoever preps your plants, the right kind of moving carrier will keep your foliage flourishing!

• Get them unloaded first – The professionals will install these special plant moving carriers at the end of the truck tactically where your plants would get all the essential resources from the atmosphere like air and sunlight and would keep your plants cool and fresh throughout. Ensure these pots get uninstalled first so they do not get in the way of the rest of the items that would be unloaded at your new home.

Plants are delicate, they have life. They breathe, grow, and survive. This means you have to care for them just like you would do for any living being in your household. Isn’t it? But just refer to the tips shared above so you can make the challenging plant moving process a manageable one.

Well, we must also bear in mind that this event would also dictate the significance of professionals – the movers and packers in Mumbai on the project. So book them in advance and discuss all the packing and moving requirements with them and have a wonderful time relocating homes.