Holiday Networking

The excitement of the holidays can put your networking on the back burner. On the contrary, the holidays can serve as the best time to enhance your networking endeavors. As we continue to navigate our new normals, reconnecting with family, co-workers, colleagues and new friends can strengthen our networks. The keys to successful networking during the holiday season include: being prepared, being flexible and being committed.

Listed below are simple ways in which you can take advantage of festivities to enable great networking opportunities.

Social Butterfly

As you start your holiday planning, keep networking top of mind. Various activities such as: family gatherings, parties, community events, volunteering, work related functions, etc. allow for dialogue and relationship building. Make sure that you are able to connect with individuals and share your personal and professional stories. Think of topics for conversation starters, be aware of your audience and ask good questions to spark interests. Use these exchanges to learn about others, foster commonalities. As well as, expand your networks.

Go With The Flow

Schedules can fill up fast. Cancelations, re-scheduling, etc. are common during this time of the year. It is really important to be understanding, patient and accommodating. Being flexible can also reduce anxiety and foster better relations. Be open to various options for networking both in-person and virtually. Be creative in your meeting plans and consider your counterpart, when necessary. These types of gestures show courtesy, care and empathy.

Show Dedication

Along with all of these helpful tips, remember to stay committed to your networking goals and values. Lean on your networks for support, inspiration and advice while you continue to develop and excel. While the holiday settings can be a little less formal, consider being more personable, transparent and authentic in your communications. As well as, with your connections with your contacts.

Use these tips and strategies to make the most of your endeavors. Focus on building relationships, connecting and adding value to your circles of influence. Also, optimize holiday festivities to keep the momentum going.

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